How To Maintain Your Home In The Mexican Heat

The implausible thing about purchasing a home in Mexico, especially the Riviera Maya is the hot weather that comes with it. You are surrounded by sun over 300 days of the year, and of course with the sun, comes the heat and humidity. As we all know the humidity can be hard on the places here in Mexico, and there are certain maintenance responsibilities that need to be kept up with. Mold for example comes with humidity; therefore you need to avoid certain tactics that would welcome mold into your home. Keeping your place maintained will save you time and money in the long run. Let’s take a look at some factors to consider that will help maintain your home against the heat and humidity here in Mexico.

Fundamental Maintenance Goes A Long Way:

Fundamental Maintenance is more so the basic necessities you should do in order to prepare your home for the weather. For example, you might want to waterproof your home, which is cost-efficient. Many people repeat this procedure once per year for extra protection, whether you want to do it yearly is up to you. If you choose not to waterproof your home, you might run the risk of water absorption in your house and mold growing. A quick color tip: Try and decorate with light colors indoors and outdoors. As we know the color black attracts the heat and light colors help to reflect the sunlight and keep the areas cool. Some places absorb the heat more if they are smaller or more enclosed. You can always add greenery to your place, as well as trees for more shade.

Rooms That Collect Humidity:

There are rooms in every home that have high levels of humidity that cannot be avoided. Those rooms include the bathroom, laundry room, and the kitchen when cooking. In a hot climate, these rooms might collect more mold than the others, which makes sense because they collect more heat. It is important to have good ventilation through out your home, especially in these specific rooms. High-powered fans and de-humidifiers will work wonders to extract the humidity.

Work Your Magic From Inside:

We already know that humidity causes mold, which is due to lack of ventilation and absorption of heat. One of the most important things to look for when buying a house in Mexico is that the property has good ventilation and a good air conditioning unit. This all plays into factor with maintaining your home and making sure you do not have mold growing in your home. You will want to keep your humidity control to 40-50 percent, which can be monitored by a humidity monitor. As much as you want to blast the air to cool the place down in minutes, it’s important to keep the air around 65-70 degrees F.

Make sure you take these factors into consideration when you are first looking at the property. Down the road, it might be too late. Mold grows fast, and it is very hard to keep it from not growing. Another way to preserve your home and items in your home is to wash your sheets and bedding materials. Your bedding is lying in humidity all day. All these tactics will help reduce humidity in your home and maintain your property in good standings from the heat.

Practical Maintenance Tips:

  • Stock up on plants and greenery for inside your home
  • Purchase a good de-humidifier
  • Make sure your fans are in good working condition
  • Clean out your gutters and vents often

You can’t go wrong with investing in real estate in the Riviera Maya, especially if you follow these tips to preserve your home in paradise!