Puerto Morelos, makes a great place to invest.


– Bahia Petempich, just south of Puerto Morelos, makes a great place to invest.
Boasting wide soft sand beaches, and very little building means your home away from home will remain a tranquil place to stay and will be forever a place that people want to rent.
Home to high end secluded small size resorts, these beautiful MIA condos on the beach,near Puerto Morelos are a wonderful place to invest in Riviera Maya Real Estate Peaceful tranquil with blue waters is comprised of a complex of three low-rise structures build on 750 feet of beachfront property.

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High end Beachfront condos, low price

•  1,937 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story – $520,000. Starting at $485,000.00

Condominios Mia are large ocean front condos,each one has a direct view to the ocean. Long quiet stretch of beach this is the ultimate in paradise on the Caribbean.

Large sweeping terraces from master bedroom and living room make this a very indooor outdoor living space.

Delux appliances included.

Large pools, large gardens, large living and large serenity.
Beach club to serve food and give you everything you need.

Developer financing is available

All condos offer “beautiful and generous spaces” and include three bedrooms with two different models available – “Uxmal” and “Petempich.” The third bedroom has the option of being converted into a studio.

Peninsula Petempich invites you to “feel the harmony” and “live the exclusivity” as you step outside your apartment onto your own palm tree-lined beach.

Property information

Affordable homes in Puerto Morelos. You can own property in Mexico !

Map of Gringos Mexicanos Hello Everyone.

This is Shawn Bandick replying to your inquiry about Gringos Mexicanos Mayan Riviera project. Where you can own your home for $59,900 USD.
For those of you who did not receive all the newsletters this will become a progressive news letter, meaning the new content will be added at the top and if you scan down you will see all the previously sent info and Questions and answers at the bottom.

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Last update we spoke about the new grocery stores in Puerto Morelos.
I would like to share with you a testimonial sent to us by Ronda, who is a frequent visitor to Puerto Morelos.

Also for those of you who have been asking for pictures showing the houses with furniture we have a unit staged for you.

Below you will see pictures of a typical home. If you do nothing other than paint the front, plant grass (most people put low maintenance pea gravel and a couple nice trees) and move furniture in your house would look like these photos.

Interiour photos of Gringos Mexicanos properties

Let me know when you can come and see the project. It is a great place in the sun at an awesome price. I look forward to seeing you.

Ronda Sent this Testimonial for you.
“I have done all my grocery shopping at Super Aki and Chedraui in PoMo and must say I have never seen such clean, well stocked or helpful stores EVER. There is absolutely no need to go into Cancun/Costco at all. What a pleasant experience and discovery these stores are! Unfortunately not many people make the effort to go over to Aki and it is usually empty. We need to make more of an effort to spread our shopping around so that we can keep this store in business.”

Puerto Morelos has a second Grocery store.
This is the New Super Aki Just Opened.

Yes First the Chedraui opened and now the Super Aki is open on the north side of town even closer to Gringos Mexicanos!
There are a lot of reasons to be looking at having your place in Puerto Morelos now. Just read through the rest of this news letter and you will see what I mean.
In this addition we want to clarify what is a Cenote and let’s talk a little about the community of Gringos Mexicanos

Cenotes are typically a cave with crystal clear water in it. Although in some cases they are also open to the sky. The air in the cave is cool and fresh and so is the water. So if you have had a little too much sun enjoying the beach consider taking the day and exploring some of the many Cenotes in close proximity to the Gringos Mexicanos project. You will find some in their completely natural state and others that have been developed with showers and change rooms, sitting areas to picnic or even restaurants so you can spend the entire day. I have been here a long time and I am sure you will never run out of Cenotes to explore. Have fun!
Okay let’s talk about the neighborhood of Gringos Mexicanos.
We are marketing directly to Americans and Canadians. This way you will have some commonality with your neighbors. This creates a great camaraderie among the group and makes it fun to come home and socialize if you want to. Its fun to have a group BBQ or share landscaping or renovation ideas etc.
You can enjoy the typical Mexican Restaurants close by and really get the flavor of Mexico. You have a taxi stand and bus stop at one end of Gringos Mexicanos along with a soccer park, Basket ball area, and a nature walk.

All this right outside your door, how cool.

In case that is not enough great news, Puerto Morelos is now it’s own municipality separate from Cancun. this means just like what has happened over the last few years in Tulum and Bacalar your property values will be going up!
Your Get away place in the sun awaits you. This is an example of how your house will look with your choice of exterior paint and a couple beautiful palm trees

Your kitchen can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Here is an Example of a customized kitchen.

You can have a privacy wall put around your back area and create your own BBQ area.
Thank you for your interest in our Gringos Mexicanos project in the Mayan Riviera $59,900 USD for your two bedroom home.

Floor plan of affordable home in Puerto Morelos
Already we are receiving a lot of interest and certainly plenty of questions. If you are receiving this mail it because you inquired about our project.
In this mail I want to help clarify some questions that have come up.
The houses are all about 4 to 5 years old and completely functional as is. Or you can customize them as much or as little as you want. As seen in the pictures in this mail. You and your friends can buy side by side houses or back to back houses.

Yes foreigners can own property in Mexico. This issue has been addressed in the NAFTA agreement back in the mid 1990s. As a foreign investor you have several levels of protection.
All properties already have title making it an easy transfer.
We are marketing to Canadians and Americans so we create a great neighborhood where you will get to know your neighbors and share fun times with them. So we will have a great neighborhood but no HOA fees.

This project is perfect for those people who want to have there own get away place, all for well less than 100k and no extra expenses like HOA fees.

All houses are basic like this now. With a little paint it will look like the pictures above.

Choose your colors and customized your kitchen as much or as little as you want

Easily customize your back area to create a private BBQ area. Tell us your ideas and we have the contractor to complete your painting and renovating.
Do you ever wish you had a rental home near a Disney park?

How about a Dreamworks Park?

Well this is the time when the big players are moving in! Pricing in the area will not be the same for long. If you want to capitalize on the timing let’s talk now.

Dreamworks theme park confirmed for Riviera Maya
by Miguel Bravo
Cancun, Q.R. – Dreamworks has been given the green light for their new theme park in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Work on the park is set to begin next year in the area of Punta Maroma, with an initial investment of US $800 million. Dario Flota Ocampo, director of the Trust for Tourism Promotion of the Riviera […]
Read more of this post

Think about the investment opportunity this will create. There will be another huge reason for tourists to plan to visit our area and when they come to visit the DreamWorks Park this will bring rental opportunity for your home in Puerto Morelos. You know when the big players like Dreamworks, Cirque du Soleil, the worlds top hotel chains and all the big retailers like Sam’s Club , Costco etc are investing millions of dollars into this area your 59,900 dollar home will be going up in value and rental demand!

Timing could not be better. Let me know when you have booked your trip and let’s pick some houses for you and your family.

Questions and Answers.
Do I have to stay to oversee any renovations I want done?
No you do not have to be there to renovate.
This is easily handled for you if you are here or not. We have a contractor who has done extensive renovation for many clients with houses just like this. You can meet with him and our coordinator Claudia, she will oversee that your rehab is done just the way you want it.

What about furniture and appliances?
This can also be handled by Claudia. She will handle whatever you need according to your instructions.

Can I do some of the work myself?
Of course it’s your house. If you want to paint go for it! You can do any part you want to we have a team standing by to do the parts you would like some help with.

Yes foreigners can own property in Mexico. This issue has been addressed in the NAFTA agreement back in the mid 1990s. As a foreign investor you have several levels of protection.

Are they Titled houses? Yes all properties already have title making it an easy transfer.

Are there HOA fees? We are marketing to Canadians and Americans so we create a great neighborhood where you will get to know your neighbors and share fun times with them. So we will have a great neighborhood but no HOA fees.
This project is perfect for those people who want to have their own get away place, all for well less than 100k and no extra expenses like HOA fees. Some people spend more than this on an RV or ski boat.
Can I rent out my House? Yes. you can rent out your house. Many people furnish and decorate their homes into beautiful Caribbean get away places that people love to come back to each year and enjoy some sunshine in the winter.

Are all those pictures from close by? Yes all the pictures I have shared are from this area. That is the beauty of having your own home base here you can go exploring and find incredible places.

Can I go fishing in the area? Yes you can fish from a boat or from shore. Just make sure you are not in the reserve area. When we fish we take a fun picture and let him go.

Is there a bus route close by? Yes there is a bus route right at the end of our houses, between us and the park. You can get a bus, colective or taxi there.

Can I build a small apartment building? No you cannot build apartments. That is not our concept. You can expand your house to a 4 bed two bath house. Actually it is already designed for that. So unlike most places we do have a lot of flexibility.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more About Gringos Mexicanos.
My Name is Shawn Bandick and I am here to answer any questions you have.
I hope these before and after pictures help you have a better understanding of our project. Let me know when you would like to come pick your house.

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Shawn Bandick is originally from Canada and has been living and selling real estate in the Mayan Riviera for 14 years.