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Did you see Meredith Chambers and Brad Van Ess, a couple from Denver, Colorado looking to relocate to Playa del Carmen ?  Well here is a synopsis of their adventure in the Mayan Riviera, and Living Riviera Maya Real Estate helped them find their dream property. Watch the full episode here !

They met on the internet 8 years ago and recently got engaged. Meredith is a busy real estate broker looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, the «flip flop lifestyle» as she calls it! Brad is an investor, fed up of the bad weather in Denver. He can work from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection. They have decided to move to Playa del Carmen, a place they both love, to change their lives completely!

Playa del Carmen, formerly a small fishing village is now a vibrant touristic place thanks to its beautiful beaches, incredible diving, great shops, restaurants and numerous amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, bike paths and promenades.

Judi Shaw, head of “Living Riviera Maya Real Estate” is helping them find their new dream home. Here’s what they are looking for:

  • 2-3 bedrooms as Charlie (Brad’s son) will join them quite often
  • 2+ bathrooms
  • Close to the beach and city center
  • A lot of outdoor space: Terrace/Balcony/Patio
  • Ideally an ocean view
  • Budget of 250k-375k

Judi, who cannot resist a challenge, has 3 superb properties to show them; Brad and Meredith can’t wait to visit them!

Hacienda del Rio is the first property, a very spacious house located in a brand new neighborhood about 3 miles outside of town with a club house and a private access to the beach.

It’s a traditional style looking home with wood beams and an open plan concept. It’s got an amazingly huge rooftop deck, great for parties! It’s absolutely gorgeous and certainly has an appealing price but it’s a bit far from the beach and city center. Meredith also feels that there might be a lack of privacy and too much traffic noise.

Judi then takes them to Condo Alegre (condo of happiness), located in a private golf course community. Meredith and Brad immediately fall in love with the resort style living and all the amenities it offers. There’s a beach club, beautiful pool, tennis club and even a golf membership included in the price (high end of their budget). The look is completely different from the hacienda. Here everything is sleek and modern. There is also a nice balcony overlooking the pool. Despite all that, Brad and Meredith feel that it’s a bit too tight and don’t like the fact there’s only two bedrooms.

After a bit of sightseeing in Tulum, visiting the ruins of an old Mayan city, Brad and Meredith are ready to visit the third property. Judi is very excited about that one. She’s kept the best for the end. It’s a little over their budget but it meets absolutely all their criteria, including…An ocean view!!!

Condo Mimosa, located on 5th av. Downtown Playa del Carmen is on 3 levels and has 3 bedrooms/bathrooms. It’s right in the city center, one block away from the beach. The icing on the cake is a private rooftop solarium with an ocean view! It’s also got an open floor plan, en suite-bathrooms and a swimming pool. Brad and Meredith immediately fall in love with the condo. It’s their dream home!

It’s decided, that’s where they are going to live! Their offer is accepted (within their budget) and now,  they are ready to start planning their wedding!!

Another mission accomplished for Judi Shaw head of “Living Riviera Maya Real Estate”!

Stay tuned for our next episode which will be aired on HGTV in January 2016.

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