Price dropped on Casa Tropical Garden: 4 bedroom Home for Sale in Playa del Carmen Gated Community in El Cielo, Playa del Carmen

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Earn with Separate Suite Upstairs

Announcing a price drop on Casa Tropical Garden: 4 bedroom Home for Sale in Playa del Carmen Gated Community, a 2677 sqft , 4 bath , 1 half bath , 3 bdrm 3 story. Now FOR SALE  USD245,000 . Steal of a deal price of a lifetime

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Price dropped on Reef 404 El Faro Beachfront Penthouse Condo for Sale in Playa del Carmen in Downtown Beachfront, Playa del Carmen

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Very Exclusive Downtown Beachfront Condo

Announcing a price drop on Reef 404 El Faro Beachfront Penthouse Condo for Sale in Playa del Carmen , a 1100 sqft , 2 bath , 1 half bath , 2 bdrm single story “Plus Private Solarium “. Now FOR SALE  USD565,000 . Just reduced 30,000 usd

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Differences in buying real estate in Mexico

It was a culture shock for me at first when I moved from BC Canada as a licensed real estate agent to Playa del Carmen in 2003 to see the differences in how business is done between BC and Quintana Roo.


Now that I have so many years of experience as an owner/broker of a real estate company in Playa del Carmen, the practices are second nature.

However, I understand how foreigners feel when they cross the border and venture into the real estate market in Mexico.
It is our role to give you the education and information needed for you to make your own best decision when purchasing a property in Playa del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico.

What are some of the differences between buying real estate in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya Mexico vs buying real estate in Canada and USA?

First, it’s important to know who you are working with and how they do business in Riviera Maya.
How experienced is the agent? Do they work with a reputable firm? References? Are they licensed to sell real estate in Riviera Maya?
Many “agents” are independent, with no real estate education or training, no experience, and no understanding of the fiduciary duty to you the customer.
They are acting in their own interests, not yours. Be aware of this.
The laws, the culture, and the language are different.
Here are  we work in a Canadian model of real estate.
I am the broker of my company and I have 5-7 buyer agents working at the agency. They meet with me and I am responsible for their actions. They work for you the buyer with your interests at heart.
Since late 2014, there is a law in Quintana Roo that requires anyone selling real estate in any capacity should be licensed.
Since early 2016 I have license number 83.
In all Quintana Roo,  there are only about 285 licensees,  where there are about 2500 “agents”.
Most “agents”  have no training,  no education,  and little experience, yet many foreigners trust them with a big investment.
For an agent to acquire a license to sell real estate, there is an educational component of the license that takes several months to complete. Then there are steps of the government agency to become licensed. An agent must renew the license every year with 30 hours of continuing education!
This is one of the biggest differences in real estate in Quintana Roo and Quebec – the lack of regulatory enforcement of licensing.
Know who you are dealing with.
Next, the big difference is that there is NO central MLS where all properties are listed for all agents/ clients to search and see.
There are a million different agent websites, and it’s very confusing because you can see the same property listed 5 times at 5 different prices.
Keep in mind that just because you see it online does not mean its an accurate price or even that it is really for sale.
We have access to all the properties and can show you any listing by anyone.
We verify the true status of the property for you that saves you time money and energy.
There is a definite need to find and work with an experienced professional real estate agent when buying a home or a condo IN Playa del Carmen or Tulum or anywhere in Riviera Maya.
Another major difference is here in Mexico we are primarily a cash-based market.
Meaning the price you see is the price you pay in cash (wire transfer), from your own resources. No bank financing in Mexico for foreigners.
A very important consideration for owning real estate in Mexico is that the roles of notarios and lawyers are somewhat different.
Lawyers legally represent you at the purchase contract level and liase with the notarios throughout the closing process to ensure you receive a clear title.
Notarios, by comparison, are lawyers with many years of experience. Then there are specialized courses and exams for notarios. Once all that is passed, a notario may be appointed by the governor of the state. It is a lifetime appointment.  There is one notario for 30,000 in each location.
What makes the notario so special in any real estate transaction?
Notarios are the only authority that can create a new deed,  or convey deeds between parties. They are also the person to assess and collect and pay any capital gains tax for the seller. The onus is on the notario to pay capital gains tax, not the owner.
If I were an investor like you reading this,  I might be daunted by this information.
Rest assured,  that when you want to own real estate in Mexico, at, we have served customers like you to ensure you have a smooth enjoyable process. You will make a safe and secure real estate investment in Riviera Maya.
Judi Shaw
1 604 628 7247 direct
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+(52) 984 116 3251 Mex cell

Single Story For Sale in El Cielo, Playa del Carmen

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Condo for Sale in "El Cielo" Gated Community

•  1400 sqft , 2 bath , 3 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD198,000 . Just Reduced from $220K!

Beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath Luxury Condo for sale in Playa del Carmen, located in the exclusive gated neighborhood ”EL Cielo” with 24-hour security.
It offers 130 m2 (1,400 sq ft.) of interior + a private patio and a nice terrace in front of the pool + parking = total 176.85 m2

Located in a primarily residential area that is also one of the fastest-growing exclusive neighborhoods in the city this condo is at close proximity to the sea; just 3.2 miles north of Downtown Playa del Carmen and only 8 minutes from all of the entertainment of 5th Ave and main attractions, without any of the noise.

High-quality finishes, large interior within a quiet 9 unit building, and close proximity to the beach are all attributes that set this condo apart from anything else in the city.

Price Reduced from $220,000 USD
NOW $198,000 USD!!

HOA fee: $2,400 pesos

Garden in common Area
Open Parking (2 parking spots)
Pet Friendly
Wheelchair access
Gated community


Hermoso Departamento en venta en Playa del Carmen, ubicado en el exclusivo residencia privado El Cielo, el cual cuenta con accesos restringidos con seguridad 24/7, areas verdes y caminos peatonales pavimentados que recorren el residencial.

El condominio Sian Kaan, cuenta con sólo 9 departamentos los cuales comparten alberca, area de descanso techado con sofás y una terraza con camastros para tomar el sol.

Es un lugar muy cómodo para vivir, con vecinos muy tranquilos, en su mayoría retirados.
El departamento en planta baja, cuenta con 3 recámaras, 2 baños, area de lavandería con lavadora y secadora, con despensa amplia y cocina completamente equipada, barra desayunadora con 4 espacios; sala y comedor se encuentran en espacio abierto junto con la cocina y cuentan con amplios ventanales de piso a techo lo que da mucha iluminación y ventilación las areas sociales.
Tiene ademas una amplia terraza techada con sofas justo frente a la alberca y sala común.
La recámara principal cuenta con walking closet y baño completo, tiene además un patio privado en la parte posterior de departamento.
Cuenta con dos lugares de estacionamiento y 3 terrazas.
Son 131 m2 de interiores + 3 terrazas y dos lugares de estacionamiento escriturados, en total son 176.85 m2

El precio Reducido desde $220,000 USD
AHORA EN $198,000 USD!!!

Mantenimiento: $2,400 pesos
Street parking available
Air conditioning
Handicap accessible
Equipped Kitchen
Fitted Kitchen
Private housing development
Accessibility for elderly
Pets allowed

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