Price dropped on A2 3 bedroom Beach condo in Luna Encantada in Downtown Beachfront, Playa del Carmen

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Super low price 5 star rental reviews for a great investment opp

Announcing a price drop on A2 3 bedroom Beach condo in Luna Encantada, a 1626 sqft , 2 bath , 3 bdrm single story. Now FOR SALE  USD567,000 . Great Value in Turn-key Beachfront Condo

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2 Storey For Sale in Playacar Phase 2, Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Real Estate: Luxury Homes for Sale in Playacar

•  5382 sqft , 5 bath , 5 bdrm 2 storey FOR SALE  USD699,000 . Market Valuation: 820,000USD

Remarkable House for Sale in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya.

This magnificent house for sale is located in Playacar Phase II, one of the most sought-after gated communities in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

It has been carefully developed, with smart space usage, and paying attention to detail. Decorated with a tropical, modern charm, this white contemporary style home with glass ceilings and large spacious common areas, also has 5 bedrooms + 1 maid bedroom, each of them with its name and amenities.

The master bedroom “Pina Colada” features a king-size bed, with a therapeutic bath, large dressing, and terrace with view over the backyard and the pool.

The second bedroom “Kahlua B52” offers a King size bed, dressing, and terrace with view over the pool.

The third bedroom “Blue Lagoon” offers 2 Twin beds or a King size bed, dressing and terrace with view over the garden.

The fourth bedroom “Tequila Sunrise” offers a Queen size bed, adjoining bathroom, external Meridian wooden wardrobe with private terrace and palapa with a garden view.

The fifth bedroom “The Black Russian” offers a Double on the bottom and single on the top bunk-style bedding, shared bathroom, terrace, and garden view.

Lastly, the maid’s room, “The Pink Lady” offers a single bed with a quaint private bathroom.

This outstanding house for sale in Playacar has a market valuation of $820,000.00 and now you know have the opportunity to get this magnificent real estate development unfurnished for $699,000.00.

Home for sale is initially unfurnished; optional furnishing for an additional $20,000.00.

If you would like more information on this house for sale in Playa del Carmen, please get in touch with our specialists.

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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Tulum Real Estate Right Now

The white-sand beaches, ancient Mayan history, and culture here in Tulum are some of the main draw factors to why you should invest in Tulum real estate right now. Not to mention that the real estate market in the Mayan Riviera is pumping and many people from all over the world are drawn to this area.

Tulum Real Estate - Cenotes are found in Tulum

The Cancun International Airport in the Mayan Riviera is situated only 1.5 hours from the heart of Tulum and only 45 minutes to the outskirts of Playa del Carmen. With an international airport being so close you can book last minute flights back home or easily pick up guests at any time. Let’s dive deeper into what those main reasons are that you should invest in Tulum right now without delay.

1. The time is now
2. The location is prime
3. Large equity gains
4. Many eco-friendly developments
5. The market is trying to tell you something

The time for Tulum Real Estate is now:

There is no better time than the present to invest in real estate in Tulum. The longer you procrastinate, the less money you can potentially make if you are purchasing your property as an income property. With the way the market is heading and the number of properties that are being purchased in the Mayan Riviera by investors, you will want to get your hands on one before it’s too late.

Think retirement. Whether you are purchasing a property for your retirement or not, down the road you can have it paid off and not have to worry about it. The rental market is prime in Tulum right now as it is a hot destination for travelers all over the world.

Tulum is in a prime location:

I previously mentioned about the international airport in Cancun and how Tulum is in close proximity to it. This is definitely a selling feature and a way to attract potential renters to your property. People don’t want to have to travel for many hours in order to reach their destination. However, Tulum is close enough that it is ideal but yet it is far enough away from the city life that they have their full Zen-experience. Tulum is a place to relax but you can also enjoy some cocktails and dancing in the evenings. It offers the best of both worlds.

Tulum Ruins – Source:

Large equity gains:

There are large equity gains that can be made in Tulum due to supply and demand. There is more demand than supply right now, which goes to show how popular Tulum is becoming. Demand drives real estate prices up, which is another reason why buying pre-construction is a good idea and will save you money.

Did you know that Tulum was at a 100% occupancy rate in 2016 and 2017 throughout the high season? For investors who are looking at buying an income property, these are the statistics you want to see. There was close to an 8% increase of international visitors last summer in the Riviera Maya in 2018. People are not only flocking to Tulum to escape the winter, but they are also moving here and visiting all year-round.

Tons of eco-friendly developments are being built:

As you are probably aware, Tulum is an eco-friendly beach town that is looking to be self-sustainable. With all the eco-friendly developments that are being built as we speak, there will be many up and coming opportunities to purchase real estate in the later 2019. If you can purchase an eco-friendly development, why wouldn’t you? You then are working towards making a difference in the environment in Tulum and all over the world.

Listen to the market:

It’s important to listen to the market and look at the different market trends. Trends don’t lie and you can grasp a lot of information by comparing the market trends over the years. Especially in Tulum, Tulum has grown exponentially and continues to attract investors who are eco-conscious and want to invest in a location that is laidback, yet glamorous.
Tulum has many options for investors who are looking at investing in Tulum real estate in the upcoming future. There are many developments in Tulum that will offer a good return on your investment. Speak with a real estate agent today to learn more!

Price dropped on 219 Aldea Thai: Ocean View Condo for Sale in Playa del Carmen in Mamitas Beach, Playa del Carmen

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Pay 220,000 down and access financing 16 years. Only on this condo.

Announcing a price drop on 219 Aldea Thai: Ocean View Condo for Sale in Playa del Carmen, a 1400 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story. Now FOR SALE  USD485,000 . New Price – best luxury deal on the market

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2 Storey For Sale in La Veleta, Tulum

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Best Houses for Sale in La Veleta, Tulum, Mexico!

•  3411 sqft , 4 bath , 3 bdrm 2 storey FOR SALE  USD349,000 .

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Home for Sale in Tulum, Riviera Maya.

Casa Tzalam is a magnificent real estate development located in La Veleta, one of Tulum’s most popular areas with ex-pats, tourists, and locals.

This gorgeous 2-story House for Sale in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico offers its new lucky owners high-end features and amenities such as:

*3 Bedrooms.
*4 Bathrooms.
*Spacious Living Room.
*Kitchen Island.
*Fully-equipped kitchen.
*Outdoor grill.
*Swimming Pool.

Tulum is a fast-growing real estate market with a prime location within Riviera Maya and some of the World’s best beaches. Listed below are points of interest in the area and their distance from these condos for sale in Tulum:

Cancun – 133 km (82.64 mi) / 1hr 20 min.
Playa del Carmen – 67 km (41.63 mi) / 45 min.
Tulum Downtown – 2.3 km (1.42 mi) / 8 min.

Supermarket – 3.6 km (2.23 mi) / 10 min.
Pharmacy – 2.1 km (1.30 mi)/ 7 min.
Gas station – 1.3 km (0.80 mi) / 5 min.

Roads to the beach:
Highway Coba Boca Paila – 6.4 km (3.97 mi) / 15 min.
Kukulkán Avenue (Soon) – 3.7 km (2.29 mi) / 7 min.

Tulum Archaeological Zone – 6 km (3.72 mi) / 15 min.
Coba Archaeological Zone – 50 km (31.06 mi) / 40 min.
Chichen Itzá – 150 km (93.20 mi) / 1hr 20 min.

If you would like to find out more about this house for sale in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico, please contact our specialists today.

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Price dropped on B2 Luna Encantada 3 bedroom Beachfront condo for sale Playa del Carmen in Downtown Beachfront, Playa del Carmen

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Gorgeous Ocean Views

Announcing a price drop on B2 Luna Encantada 3 bedroom Beachfront condo for sale Playa del Carmen, a 1640 sqft , 2 bath , 3 bdrm single story. Now FOR SALE  USD485,000 . Audio tour call (801) 924-2363 ex 324

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Single Story For Sale in Aldea Zama, Tulum

Sylish condos for sale in coveted Aldea Zamá!

•  1154 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD209,500 . Starting at…

Brand-new condos for sale in Aldea Zamá, Tulum,.

An exclusive collection of private residential estates. Brand-new development that combines the amenities of a world-class resort, with all the benefits of full residential ownership.

These stylish condos for sale in Tulum are located in the closest residential community to world-famous Tulum beaches with first-class infrastructure, two blocks from the commercial zone with restaurants and shops, one block to the new beach road, steps to Aldea Premium Art Walk, and unobstructed Jungle Park views and large protected green areas. Explore the lively gastronomical wellness and music venues of Tulum, with nearby archaeological zones, the beach, downtown Tulum, and some of the world’s most beautiful cenotes and nature parks.

The development offers first-class features and amenities such as
*Swimming pool with swimming lane
*Baja shelf
*Hammock area
*Lounge areas
*Day beds with towel service
*Access via private elevator entrance
*Jungle landscaping
*Entertainment room
*Fitness center
*Coffee bar
*Wi-Fi in common areas

Please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists today and ask about the different floor plans and price points. Condos at price this low are a unique opportunity in Tulum Real Estate.

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