Benefits of buying a Re-Sale Property

We can show you any property that interests you in the Riviera Maya. There is no need to look with many agencies. We will show you any pre-construction new condo project, and any already built properties.
Most important is to find the right property, at the right price for you.
Often we see that resale properties, already built, are overlooked by our investors in favor of a buying pre-construction property.
Many people are pre-sold on the belief that pre-construction is “the best deal” out there.
However, this can often be a misconception. The savvy buyer understands the following:

  • There are great deals available on resale properties. Prices often can be lower than a pre-construction property.
  • It’s our specialty to know and show you the market.
  • Use of escrow when paying for a property means funds are protected.
  • No risk of paying a developer directly who might not complete a pre-construction project.
  • You know what you are buying, such as the condition, the colors, the appliances, etc.
  • With pre-construction properties, what if it does not turn out the way you thought?
  • Often resale properties are fully furnished, as added value.
  • Buying furniture can be considerably more expensive than anticipated for new construction.
  • Resale is ready for immediate personal use.
  • There is no waiting period for construction to finish as with pre-construction.
  • It has the HOA (homeowners association) established, you will know the cost of maintenance, pool work, yard work before you negotiate on the transaction.
  • It has a property tax value established.
  • You purchase in an established neighborhood. You know what is around you.
  • Streets, lights, neighborhood parks, and restaurants are established.
  • Resales offer a shorter timeline to close on the transaction,  get the deed from the
    notary and you get the keys. NO waiting time for those important items.
  • Bring your suitcase and open a cerveza. Turn-key ready.
  • You KNOW what you are buying. No mystery involved.


  • You will have to pay for it all time of purchase upfront, no payment plans.
  • You might want to renovate to your liking.
  • Hidden cost upgrades? Use Property inspection.

Ready to make an informed decision? Check out our Riviera Maya Re-Sale Listings

Single Story For Sale in Ocean Front, Puerto Morelos

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Best Puerto Morelos Real Estate Development

•  645 sqft , 1 bath , 1 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD159,000 . Starting at…

Beachfront Condos for Sale in Puerto Morelos – Priority Position

Enjoy a world-class level of quality backed by a renowned international hotel brand. Being strategically planned to operate as branded hotel luxury residences, The Fives Puerto Morelos Condos for Sale assure a return on investment and a carefree maintenance and management program.

Types of Condos available:

*Studio (loft): 53-60m2 from $159,000 USD
*One Bedroom: 69-107m2 from $239,000 USD
*Two Bedroom: 121-180m2 from $409,000 USD
*3 Bedroom: 223m2 from $859,000 USD
*1 Bedroom PH: 147-156m2 from $419,000 USD
*2 Bedroom PH: 308m2 from $1,200,000 USD
*3 Bedroom PH: 536m2 from $1,500,000 USD

Amenities include:
*World-class spa.
*Two international restaurants.
*Sky Lounge Terrace.
*Signature bar.
*Fitness center.
*80% of the condos will feature Ocean Views.
*2 Infinity pools.
*Gated, controlled access.

Additional Benefits:
*High-end furniture and appliances included
*Personalized concierge service
*Housecleaning included
*Exclusive discounts at the onsite spa and internationally-recognized signature restaurants
*Membership at The Fives Club

Worry-Free Rental Program:
The owners’ monthly fixed expenses — based on an annual percentage of the property value — will be absorbed by your rental earnings. That is because, at The Fives Puerto Morelos, you will be part of the rental program, which guarantees at least the minimum coverage of these monthly fixed expenses.


Make a REFUNDABLE reservation deposit of $5,000 USD in order to reserve a spot in the priority position.
In June 2019, clients in the priority position will be able to decide if they want to continue buying a residence at The Fives Puerto Morelos. To block a unit it will be necessary to place a second payment of $5,000 USD to become a NON REFUNDABLE RESERVATION.

Payment Program:

1 – 40% Down payment one month after the non-refundable reservation payment is received.

2 – 30% 3 months later.

3 – 30% Upon delivery.

Property information