The Fives, an attractive investment for Canadians right now !

Resort condo buy in Mexico

The Fives, an attractive investment for Canadians right now !

    Mexico has been one of Canadians’ favorite places for quite a some time now.

You won’t be surprised to learn that over 2 million Canadians travel to Mexico every year for both business and pleasure.  A great deal of them fall under the magical spell of a country, with its vibrant culture, warm weather, friendly locals. Many Canadians have purchased property in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to spend their vacations there. This has had an important impact on the already booming Mexican economy and development.


So much so that according to Forbes magazine, in 2015, Mexico ranked seventh in the top international destinations in which to invest right before retirement.

Mexico has indeed become a place where you can find excellent transportation (bus lines), infrastructure (airports, highways) and services (medical, dental etc…). In addition to that, Mexico ranks third in biodiversity and fourth in cultural tourism. Making it a wonderful place to retire.

Playa del Carmen is probably the best illustration of the love story between Canadians and Mexico. This small fishing village has flourished in past years, thanks to tourism. Canadians and Americans represent 54,5% of homeowners there.

Resort-Condos-for-sale Mexico

You may have spent a vacation there, a few years ago.  Perhaps your plan and dream were to invest in a property in Playa del Carmen…

Recently, the economy has been particularly difficult in Canada.  With a very weak loonie, mostly due to rock bottom oil prices. This situation may have affected you in several ways and you are now wondering if you can still afford a property in Playa del Carmen for your retirement.

It’s true that this instability has shattered a lot of people’s confidence in the market but there is good news for you! Now is not the time to give up your dream of owning a property in beautiful Playa del Carmen, on the contrary, now is the time to invest in real estate and here is why: special prices just for Canadians, at the Fives!

Canadians buy in Mexico

TM Real Estate Group has created a unique solution, it has managed to secure a fixed preferential rate for customers of Canadian nationality allowing a fixed price, in Canadian dollars, through a trusted banking firm thus consolidating an attractive investment offer to this market.

What does that mean to you, the BUYER ? It means that the price of the property you’re interested in doesn’t change. Oil prices and currency exchange rates will NOT affect it. In addition, TM offers up to 18 months financing and 0% interest for you to acquire your dream residence in the Fives, Playa del Carmen.

The resort property  is a beautiful complex of luxury residences with restaurants and bars, offering countless activities and entertainment opportunities as well as an extended range of amenities & services. All in a breathtaking setting of tropical gardens, white sand beaches, turquoise sea, crystal clear pools, and so much more.

Take a peek, with prices starting at 236,250 CAD (that includes everything!) you are sure to find your future dream home!

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Call us to register, and make this dream come true !