How To Prepare Your House Or Condo To Sell

Preparing your house or condo to sell only takes a few simple steps. Of course, you can go above and beyond with renovations but the main steps to prepare your house or condo for the market are listed in this article. As many of you are aware of the high inventory of places on the market, homebuyers can pick and choose and be a little pickier with their decision. Buyers want a home in good condition that meets are their criterion; therefore having a place in pristine condition is beneficial.

Clean The Exterior of Your Home:

Making minor changes to the exterior of your home shows that you care and take pride in the appearance and overall health of your home. A messy exterior will make potential buyers think that your overall maintenance and interior is kept in the same condition as the exterior. A little cleaning will go a long way, especially a pressure washed place.

Shine Your Surfaces:

It doesn’t take much time to shine your appliances and de-clutter your home. You want to make the home as appealing to new buyers as possible. Shining your surfaces shows that you kept a clean place. Make sure you shine any fans, the floors, windows and any other item that could benefit from it.

Decorated Living Room

Try Decorating With Neutral Colors:

Some people are pickier with their décor than others and get discouraged with bright colors. If your house is done in bright blues and greens- that is okay because they can change the paint once they purchase the home. However, if you can avoid a lot of bright items in your house, opt for a more neutral tone to please everyone. It’s just better to remove anything that looks cluttered, so the buyers can focus on the bigger picture.

Repair Anything That Needs to be repaired:

You want to make sure everything is in working condition. You don’t want a potential buyer to come across a leaking roof or a window or door that won’t open. Make sure your home is in selling condition. The more you put into it, usually works as the more you get out of it.

Freshen Up Your Place With A Calming Scent:

Try not to cook anything before you are showing your place, which might leave a bad smell in your home. Maybe light a candle or open the windows and get a fresh smell throughout the place. Some people might get discouraged if the place does not smell good. Also if you have any animals, remove the litter box or anything to do with pets. Many people love animals, but some people do not. Fresh flowers are great to generate a fresh smell in your home and they are also visually appealing. Staging a home is proven to help sell the home faster. Many people like walking into a clean, nice smelling place that looks well kept.
With all the tips provided in this article, you should have no problem preparing your home for the market. If you have any other real estate questions, don’t hesitate to contact me for more details. 